Bespoke Nightclub Marquee (on a Slope!)


When we were presented with creating a party at a private house – the client had already discounted using the garden, because of the enormous slope in the garden.

However, we love a challenge…And because our versatile marquees can be erected almost anywhere, we set about creating the foundations for an epic party.

Marquee Flooring Design

Once we had demonstrated that a marquee on this scale was possible to be built, we set about creating an incredible party design, way beyond the client’s expectations.

3D Marquee Design The best thing about this marquee design was that when guests entered from the side of the house – they had absolutely no idea where they were!  They could not believe the amount of space we had created.

Black & Red Marquee

It was only when guests walked to the back of the marquee, that they realised the balcony was 3m in the air!

Marquee Interior Design

We used a combination of black starcloth, red carpet and red drapes to create the nightclub atmosphere the client was looking for, despite it being midsummer and extremely light outside.

Red & Black Champagne Reception

In order to complete the styling, we utilised lots of classic mirrored bars and customised silver furnishings to compliment all the darker colours within the design.  This also meant that all of our stage lighting and decorative touches, really shone through.

Event Waiting Staff

All of our beautifully presented waiting staff where also themed to compliment the event’s central styling.  Plus, we also love our slender, long stemmed Champagne flutes, which are ideal for any elegant reception.

Gourmet Bowl Food

All the delicious event catering was presented in ornamental bowls, and handed around to all the guests throughout the evening.

Marquee Event Band

Performances were given by a wide range of different acts throughout the evening.  We use a number of different artists who all collaborate to create a continuous flow of music throughout the night.Passion Fruit Martini with Prosecco

No party would be complete without our spectacular passion fruit martinis, brimming with fresh passion fruit and blended with Passoa liquer and vanilla vodka.

Event Saxophonist

And nothing beats a live saxophone solo with vocals over the DJ’s finest party classics.