• 1) Our Guarantees

We guarantee to provide all the goods and services detailed in our proposal, and if a product or service suddenly becomes unavailable, we will find an equal or better replacement – or you will receive your money back1.


  • 2) Our Insurance

For further peace of mind – We also have ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’ for the services we provide (see below) and we can extend our Event Cancellation Insurance to cover your event.

(1 See terms and conditions.)


  • 3) Detailed 3D Event Design

For each event we produce, we design each aspect in 3D so that our clients can see in minute detail what their event will look like.  All our designs are to scale, which means that all of the interior design elements are carefully thought out and researched to ensure that everything works within the overall event plan.

For charity events, these designs can often be transformed into sponsorship videos, or used as part of a corporate promotional video.


  • 4) 24 Hour Support from our Event Team

Your dedicated event manager and our in-house support team will be with you every step of the way; from the planning process to the successful delivery of your event.  Our time creating and supporting your event is included within our event management fee and is not billed additionally.

Every event is unique, and each client’s needs are different.  But rest assured, whether you have a last-minute emergency or simply need a bit of general advice – our team is on hand to assist you through the entire process.


  • 5) Personalised Proposal & Planning Documents

To create your perfect event, we produce a number of documents designed to support your choices during the event planning process.

  • The key document is an itemised cost breakdown of each element we provide. This ensures that you can change and tweak each individual cost until you are 100% happy with the concept.
  • To support this, we also supply you with a detailed ‘production timeline’, indicating when the event build will start, which elements will be delivered on what day, and when the equipment will be taken away at the end.
  • For the event itself, we will also include a detailed ‘event timeline’, which highlights at what time individual elements will take place within the event, to give you a clear understanding of what is happening when.
  • For larger scale events, we can also produce detailed event ‘call sheets’ or ‘show flows’ and our event management fee would also include the show calling team.


  • 6)  Event Management Staff during the event

Our event management fee includes all the Peri Peri event management team’s time working on your event.  In other words, you will not be charged extra for your event manager’s time during the build-up, planning or the event itself.  And wherever possible, we will always ensure that the event managers you have been dealing with during the build-up to your event will be on site on the day to make sure everything is delivered to your precise specifications.  (Only additional support staff, waiting staff, bar staff, djs etc. will be billed separately – the details of which will be included in your proposal document.)


  • 7) Event Management Equipment & Safety Kit Hire

Your dedicated event management team will also supply a wide range of safety equipment, much of which is included in the event management fee.

Whilst the following is not an exhaustive list, these elements are included as standard:

  • An event-appropriate supply of first aid equipment.
  • Annually tested Fire Extinguishers
  • Anemometers for checking wind speed
  • Decibel readers for sound checks
  • PAT testing equipment (if required)
  • Mobile phones and computers
  • Mobile printer and stationary for signage.
  • Cloakroom security boxes and custom tags.
  • Copies of all health & safety document and event licenses.


  • 8) Health & Safety Analysis, (Risk Assessments, Method Statements)

Prior to any event, it is essential that a thorough risk assessment and Health & Safety audit is completed.  Many top event venues require this and insurance documents as standard.

At Peri Peri, all of our Health & Safety policy is audited by Natwest Mentor (logo) and our document is Riddor compliant.


  • 9) Public Liability Insurance & Professional Indemnity Documents

Peri Peri is insured by Hiscox – giving you the client, enormous peace of mind.

We carry Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000.00 & Professional Indemnity Cover up to £150,000.00 per event.

Our full insurance documents can be viewed HERE,

Please remember, we are not qualified to give insurance advice and it is important that everyone seeks professional advice to insure they have sufficient insurance cover for their specific requirements.


  • 10) External Contractor Management

Your dedicated event manager will liaise with any external contractors that may be involved in the event – whether that may be dealing with band riders, venue logistics, external sponsor requirements, airport transfers, or import/export logisitics – to ensure everything runs smoothly.

That said, we do recommend that we manage as many areas of the event as possible, not only so that you are only dealing with one individual – but also so that each element is covered by our internal guarantees and insurances.


  • 11) Bar & Alcohol Licensing Management

We offer a complete licensing consultancy and we regularly apply for Temporary Event Notices for the sale of alcohol at an event.  The licensing fee for the submission of a Temporary Event Notice is usually £21.00 payable to the local authority, but all form submissions are included within the Peri Peri Event Management fee.

Where a license is not needed (for example for a private party) Peri Peri will manage bar stock and calculate the necessary provision of glassware, bar staff and bar equipment within our event management fee.

Our bar management services can also be extended to the provision of sommeliers for events, and the management of fine wine from a client’s own personal collection.

Peri Peri does provide a wide range of extremely competitive packages, and we pride ourselves on our ability to produce some of the world’s finest cocktails, wines and bar displays.


  • 12) Guestlist & Guest Liaison Management

To take the stress out dealing with huge amounts of admin – we can process all of your guest data, updating addresses and email lists, and we can compile and and manage replies to guests, collate RSVPs and guest dietary requirements.  This time-consuming process is all included within our event management fee.

Guestlist management can also be as simple as hand mailing large lists of invitations, emailing responses, checking the individual contents of lists of attendees, and co-ordinating table plans.  Or for larger events, this can be expanded to include processing and following up on charitable donations, nominee date, and processing thankyou letters, gifts and donations.


  • 13) 100% Confidentiality

Peri Peri has a strict confidentiality policy, which means your guest data is in safe hands, we are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements should they be warranted.

That is why we are trusted by so many global high net-worth individuals, corporations and charities. For more details please review our testimonials.


  • 14) Catering & Catering Equipment Management

Every event has different menus and different drinks service requirements – as such Peri Peri manages the construction of temporary kitchens and the provision of cutlery, crockery and glassware on a case by case basis.

Our event managers will design the kitchen and facilitate the hire of all the necessary kitchen and bar equipment, from turbo fan ovens, to hot cupboards and refrigeration units.

The events team will also count in any hired glassware, and double check the numbers of utensils arriving on site.  Then every piece of hire equipment will be counted back in by the team and all breakages will be noted down to ensure that everything is accurately accounted for.


  • 15) Power & Electrical Equipment Management

Our Event Management Team will calculate each event’s unique power requirements so that a suitable power solution can be created.  This may be by using the power supply already provided by an office building or private venue, or by facilitating the hire of generators.

For each event a detailed power management plan is created to make sure that every event has sufficient electrical provision.


  • 16) Event Licensing & Building Control Consultancy

For large scale events, Peri Peri will ensure that your event is compliant with every aspect of UK law, from Licensing to Building control.

Severe penalties exist for anyone without the correct licensing and building control consents.  Many London boroughs require building control consent to erect marquees, and all events over 500 guests may require a formal event license, depending on the specifics.

Our experienced event managers will guide you through any potential pitfalls, to ensure you have professional support and all the correct permissions for your function.


  • 17) Site Management

Without correct site management, events can go wrong very easily.  Having the knowledge and experience to book all the correct elements in exactly the right order and ensuring there are the correct processes in place to check everything has arrived and is set up on time and in good working order is of paramount importance.

But most importantly, when circumstances change, and problems occur, it is vital you have a team with the experience and know-how to respond, rapidly and with confidence.

One of our key roles is to manage our sites so that they are safe, secure, and we look after our venues as if they were our own.  From our relationship with the owners, our clients and suppliers, we aim to protect the best interests of everyone involved an deliver a first class event safely and securely with the minimum of disruption.