Marquee Management

The Survey

Peri Peri utilises the latest computer imaging software and satellite technology to provide you with a detailed 3D survey of your marquee.

The process begins by visiting your prospective marquee site, so that we can examine the contours of the land, the presence of overhead or underground power cables, access points for our vehicles, and the drainage capacity of the ground.


From this initial site survey, we are then able to begin the marquee design process and suggest an initial position for the marquee structure.

We then insert all of the data gathered on site into a detailed aerial photograph, so that we can begin plotting the size and scale of the marquee you require.

The Planning

From this initial process, we can work with you to decide the best position for the marquee.  Once the correct position is determined a preliminary drawing of the marquee is then inserted into the satellite image, so that you can assess the position and scale of the marquee before the full design procedure begins.


We then insert the drawings, plans and photographs into a 3D design programme which allows us to zoom into specific areas of the marquee, and view the entire structure in a transparent format.

Whether you are hosting a small wedding in your back garden, or a giant corporate ball, using such a powerful and detailed architectural programme allows us to focus on each event in minute detail, leaving nothing to chance.

The Detail

As a customer, this also gives you an unrivalled insight into what your event will look like -before a guest has even arrived.  Allowing you to sit back and relax, knowing in minute detail, exactly where all the elements you have ordered are going.

At Peri Peri, we believe that planning in this detail, not only makes for a smooth and precisely run event – but also panic-free and relaxing build-up for our clients.

In fact, during the planning process, one of our event managers will be happy to sit down and run through exactly how each element will look, from the position of each chair to the decorations on each table…

…So that it all looks absolutely perfect!

The Build

Peri Peri offer this service for all of our marquee events, big or small so that you have absolute confidence in the professionalism of our teams, and the products and services we supply.

For small marquees (such as the one pictured below) it is often possible to bring all the marquee equipment onto the site using small trucks – in which case a single driveway or gated entrance to the marquee site is sufficient.

However, for larger builds, and for more complicated events – Peri Peri often transports heavier marquee equipment on articulated lorries and 7.5 tonne trucks.  These vehicles require much more consideration in terms of access.

For this reason, one of the major reasons we take our initial site surveys so seriously, is that being able to load and unload effectively in all weather conditions is fundamental to the success of any event.

Having worked for the British Government, major celebrities and blue chip companies, we are acutely aware of the complexities of each site, and the specific concerns of each client.  At Peri Peri, we offer 24 hour support, and a conscientious approach to each project.

The end result, is that we erect your marquee structure with the minimum of fuss – using only the most polite and courteous staff – to facilitate the completion and execution of your perfect event.