Our Proposals & Planning Documents

To create your perfect event, we produce a number of documents designed to support your choices during the event planning process.


  • The key document is an itemised cost breakdown of each element we provide. This ensures that you can change and tweak each individual cost until you are 100% happy with the concept.


  • To support this, we also supply you with a detailed ‘production timeline’, indicating when the event build will start, which elements will be delivered on what day, and when the equipment will be taken away at the end.


  • For the event itself, we will also include a detailed ‘event timeline’, which highlights at what time individual elements will take place within the event, to give you a clear understanding of what is happening when.


  • For larger scale events, we can also produce detailed event ‘call sheets’ or ‘show flows’ and our event management fee would also include the show calling team.